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Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Social Media Marketing or SMM as it is simply called is a boom to any industry. With the advent of technology and enhancements and revolutions made in mobile market, the Social Media Marketing has changed the statistics up side down. No one would have thought of this day where one can familiarize  their brand in few clicks and in few seconds? Yes, It is now through Social Media Marketing or SMM as it is simply called as.

Social Media Marketing or SMM has been very significant in achieve good ROI and brand value in few clicks. The Increase in Social Media Platforms and the user base in those social media platform are the great push to familiarize your brand in seconds. What it takes is the analysis, design, creation, maintenance and report of your successful Social Media Marketing platforms in these Social Media Platforms. The common Social Media Platforms are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram more.

Strategies Involved in the SMM Services as a SEO Freelancer Consultant:

Social Media Marketing or SMM involves many different steps to execute for a successful ROI campaign to yield best possible results.

  • Knowing the Targeted Audiences: 

Target Audience to target your brand is essential part while creating the Social Media Marketing Paid campaign. It all starts with a question:

    • To whom your brand or services you would require to sell?
    • What is the age group?
    • In Which Area or Location you would need to target the audience for?
    • In Which Country you would need to target the audience for?
  • Knowing the Targeted Competitors: 

To be successful you can create and run campaigns but to be on Top one  should analyze your competitors, know what your competitors strategy, then design your successful ad campaign based on that.

  • Identifying the Social Media Platform:
    Identifying the Social Media Platform is the next major step in the process of creating successful Paid Social Media Marketing campaign for your business. There are many different social media platforms are available in these days around the world, and some of the popular social media platform from them are:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram and more.

We would need to Identity any of these platforms to make sure we reach the intended audiences.

  • Creating the Social Media Marketing Paid Campaign: Once the Social Media Platforms are identified the very next step is
    creating the Social Media Marketing Paid Campaign in the respective Platform. The creation of Ad campaign is no big deal, but the inputs that are required which we have evaluated in our previous steps needs to be very thoroughly and then has to be provided while creating the Social Media Marketing Paid Campaign. The inputs such as keywords, target audience, age group, target location, target reach, target spend etc are mandatory to create successful ad campaign. The Creation of Social Media Marketing should also need to be covered with the following:

    • Creating Social Media Pages
    • Creating the online fan groups or networks
    • Creating the content flow online
    • Creating the Brand Image
    • Creating the Branding with engaging content on different groups in these social media platforms
  • Engaging in the Social Media Marketing Paid Campaign: Once the Social Media Marketing Paid Campaign is created, Engaging in the Social Media Marketing by monitoring its progress and reports is definitive step in every process. Engaging in the Social Media campaign regularly can yield you best results. Engaging can be by trust building, reaching out to different communities available on the social media networks, engaging with customers by quick replies to their queries or questions, engaging by awareness etc.
  • Converting the leads to potential Business deal: At any point in time there is greatest possibility that the leads are
    getting converted into business deals. I can engage with customer to make it happen 120% sure with all the care that has to be taken while interacting with the leads generated to successfully convert into a business deal for closure.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction with SMM Services:

As a seo freelancer consultant, I can ensure each customer or client for whom I work work is satisfied with the services offered. I engage directly with clients to make sure they are satisfied and follow best business etiquette and follow best practices to make that happen.

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